College Station Resident Tre Watson Advocates for Marijuana Decriminalization

Tre Watson, a resident of College Station, Texas and founder of College Station Cannabis Decriminalization, has been working towards decriminalizing marijuana in the city. Watson, who is an advocate for marijuana policy reform, believes that the plant is overly criminalized and can be used for many beneficial purposes. He is collaborating with other local organizations to achieve this change.

Watson’s campaign focuses on reducing the penalties for marijuana possession and ensuring that law enforcement agencies prioritize more serious crimes. He argues that marijuana use is much safer than alcohol and that police resources should be directed towards fighting violent crimes such as homicide, sexual assault, and theft.

Decriminalizing marijuana would not legalize it but rather reduce the penalties associated with its possession. It would also prevent nonviolent offenders from being incarcerated, which would lessen the burden on the city’s jails.

To support his campaign, Watson has launched a petition, which can be signed by College Station residents. The petition aims to garner support from volunteers, sponsors, donors, and individuals who would like to contribute financially.

While Watson’s efforts are focused on College Station, he encourages residents of Bryan, Texas, to contact him if they would like to start a similar campaign in their city.

Watson’s campaign has gained momentum, with many residents supporting his efforts. If successful, his initiative could serve as a model for other Texas cities seeking to reform their marijuana laws.

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