Sour Apple Repair closes Texas Avenue shop, announces pending move to Harvey Road

Last week, Sour Apple Repair in College Station announced via Facebook that it would be immediately closing its store at Texas Avenue and Southwest Parkway. According to the company’s post, the shop will soon be relocated to the 900 block Harvey Road, near The Tap.

Following is the text of Sour Apple Repair’s announcement: “Tomorrow will be our last day at our current location. We are open 9am-6pm.We will be moving directly next to The Tap in College Station.We plan to be back open and helping the community towards the end of next week. If you have any questions or concerns please call us at 1-844-SOUR FIX”

More about Sour Apple Repair:

Aggies, Aggie Parents operating College Station business falsely labeled “Longhorns” in Sour Apple Repair’s disinformation campaign

Sour Apple Repair did not honor legally valid, prepaid vouchers. Deal company stepped up, offered customers easy refunds.


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