Bubbie’s Kolache Kitchen and Bakery opens this week

Bubbie’s Kolache Kitchen and Bakery will open its doors in College Station on June 28. The kolache shop is located in the new strip center near TaD’s and Lowe’s on William D. Fitch.

Bubbie’s Kolache Kitchen and Bakery: Bubbie’s Kolache Kitchen and Bakery is Aggie-owned and operated by Dylan Darilek, Class of 2010! Whoop! Named after my grandma, Georgia “Bubbie” Ann Stavinoha McBride, Bubbie’s is filled with the sights and sounds of my German/Czech heritage, as well as traditions passed from one generation to the next. My grandmother was born in Engle, Texas, in December 1930. Her family was of German/Czech heritage and understood the importance of good food, loyal friends, and the love of family. I remember the stories she told of learning to cook from her Granny Stavinoha. Stories so vivid you could almost smell what was cooking on the stove or baking in the oven. It was because of those stories that I found my own passion for baking. It seems those stories, my love for her, and the importance of honoring family heritage and traditions, has culminated into my dream, and her’s too- “Bubbie’s!” Although the namesake for Bubbie’s passed away in 2018, her memory lives on through me; my family; and my love of baking.

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