Lost Creek Store Development to Bring New Businesses to Hearne

A new development project in Hearne, TX, is set to bring exciting new businesses to the area, including the Lost Creek Store, Weikel’s Bakery, and Starbucks. The project is located at 1656 S. Market Street and is expected to be completed by December 15, 2023.

The Lost Creek Store, which is currently under construction, will be a two-story building with 13,477 square feet of space. The building will feature a mercantile, toilet rooms, shower and laundry areas, and a small office area on the second level. The development also includes shell space for future tenant build-outs. The estimated cost of the project is $6,500,000.

Weikel’s Bakery, a well-known local bakery, will be part of the Lost Creek Store development. The bakery will occupy an existing building and undergo a $402,000 renovation to create a 2,636 square foot interior build-out for sales, drive-thru, bakery, and storage areas.

Starbucks is also set to join the development, occupying another existing building with a 1,750 square foot interior build-out for a coffee shop with a café area, coffee bar, and workroom. The renovation project is expected to cost $390,940.

The Lost Creek Store development is privately funded and located on private land for private use. The project is expected to bring new jobs and economic growth to Hearne, TX, while also providing residents and visitors with new shopping and dining options.

With the addition of these new businesses, the Lost Creek Store development is sure to become a popular destination for locals and visitors alike. The project is an exciting development for the area and highlights the continued growth and development of Hearne, TX.

Lost Creek Store
1656 S. Market Street
Hearne, TX 77859

Image by PlanNorth Architectural Co.


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