Get Ready to Satisfy Your Cravings at I Won Korean BBQ Hotpot in College Station

A new Korean BBQ hotpot restaurant is coming to College Station this summer. I Won Korean BBQ Hotpot, located at 1704 George Bush Drive, is set to open in August 2023, following the completion of the estimated $300,000 renovation and remodeling of the 6,912 square-foot space.

The restaurant will feature an array of authentic Korean dishes, including BBQ hotpot, kimchi, and bibimbap, to satisfy the cravings of all its customers. The restaurant will be a perfect destination for foodies, friends, and family to enjoy quality time while indulging in the unique flavors of Korean cuisine.

If you’re a fan of Korean cuisine or want to try something new and exciting, make sure to add I Won Korean BBQ Hotpot to your list of must-visit restaurants in College Station.

I Won Korean BBQ Hotpot
1704 George Bush Drive, College Station, TX 77840


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