College Station is Getting a Pluckers

Pluckers Wing Bar just announced their newest location, set to open in College Station in 2024. The announcement came in the form of a video post on social media with Sean Greenberg, the chain’s cofounder, standing in front of a whiteboard listing “College Station” in the 2024 column. The news quickly spread across social media and the local community, sparking excitement among wing and sports bar enthusiasts.

The chain, known for its delicious wings and vibrant atmosphere, had humble beginnings at the University of Texas in Austin. Mark and Dave, two freshmen at UT, had a problem – they were craving wings late at night, but the only restaurants that delivered to the dorms were pizza and Chinese. They decided to solve their own problem and open a delivery wings restaurant, with the help of their friend Sean.

As Pluckers grew in popularity, they began to expand to new cities, starting with Dallas and Baton Rouge. With a focus on success and a team of dedicated employees, Pluckers continued to grow, earning accolades as the best sports bar and chicken wing restaurant in its market.

Now, more than 20 years after its founding, Pluckers is excited to bring its delicious wings and vibrant atmosphere to College Station. The new location will feature all the signature Pluckers elements, including a full bar, giant outdoor patio, and an array of flat screen televisions. The announcement has sparked excitement among the local community, with many eagerly anticipating the arrival of this beloved chain.

Image by Pluckers Wing Bar


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