Margie’s Bar & Grill asks community for help with kitchen improvements mandated by fire marshal

Margie’s Bar & Grill, a Downtown Bryan institution for nearly 100 years, has been forced by the Fire Marshal to abridge their menu to burgers only until they can install a new vent hood and fire suppression system. Margie’s owner Billy Wager is asking the community for help in brining the restaurant, which is already suffering financially due to COVID-19, into compliance with code. Wager has set up a GoFundMe to raise funds for the required kitchen upgrades.

GoFundMe for Margie’s Bar and Grill >>

“Margies has been open since 1924 and proudly serves our community and is asking for a little help. The Fire Marshal came in about our vent hood that has been used in our establishment for the past 40years and there seems to now be an issue. The intent was to shut our business down and fine us because it was said this was our second notice when the first one never existed! We were able to stay open because the Fire Marshal could not find any report previous from today! We do not have an exact amount on how much a new suppression system, commercial vent hood and labor will cost. We hope that we can generate enough with selling burgers only to stay open. We can only serve burgers, no fried foods, chili or nachos. Thank you for your help! Love your Margie’s family!” – Billy Wager, Owner of Margie’s Bar & Grill

Image source: Margie’s Bar & Grill Facebook page


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