College Station Police Department CALEA manager Chris Brannan has history of dishonesty, policy violations

“We strive for excellence in our profession and are proud to be a CALEA-accredited agency (since 1991).” That quote is from a College Station Police Department help wanted ad. The agency touts its membership in CALEA, an organization that publishes best practices for law enforcement agencies and evaluates those agencies’ adherence to those practices, as an indicator of the professionalism, honesty, and transparency embedded in the department’s culture.

However, the sincerity of the department’s commitment to CALEA and honesty is called into question by their choice to employ Christopher (Chris) Josiah Brannan as the department’s CLAEA manager. Brannan, the man tasked with ensuring the department operates according to CALEA standards, which call for professionalism, honesty, and transparency, has a troubling history of making false statements to police and internal affairs complaints, at least one of which was sustained (found true) by CSPD’s professional standards investigator. Several of Brannan’s ethical questionable actions were taken to benefit Chrissy’s Massage, a business he operates with his wife, Christina Dudley Brannan.

Following are reports detailing Brannan’s questionable conduct:

Documents reveal Chrissy’s Massage owners made false statements to police

Chrissy’s Massage Studios owner violated policy in job at CSPD

Internal Affairs Complaint says College Station business owner who also works in Police Department filed false charges to thwart collection of business debt

CSPD investigation finds misconduct occurred


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